Operator Page UI/interaction

The app is at about 80% of what I need, but that last bit is all down to how the app displays operator stats for mobile. I would love a cleaner look that is easier to understand.
Edit: after thinking about it, a way to get a more detailed look at individual operator stats would be awesome. I may have a 60% win rate overall, but what if I found out it’s 90% on Kafe?

Hi, we’ve got a list of things we want to add to the app that should increase the amount of useful info you get. In regards to map statistics, we can’t get stats from the Ubi API. The only way we could add maps stats would be through the PC Overwolf app. We can capture the map stats for Overwolf users and send that to the site. If there’s anything else you want to see on the app, let me know :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I play on Xbox only at the moment, so really just don’t forget about console side! And a possible work around to include all platforms for map performance would be to list the top 10 ops on each side for your rank. Could be based off PC overwolf stats and the best overall stack. (i.e. find new tab for maps, find what map you got, these 5 for your rank are top, these 5 for everyone is top) That way you have a good scattering of ops for people to try. Could do the same thing for bans.