Origin - 2042 - Cant Find User

My Origin name is Bosox, and I am trying to search for it on the new tracker, and I get:

We could not find the player Bosox on Origin.

I have game stats enabled in game

Hello @SaperHind and welcome to the TRN forums.

Can you confirm if this looks like your account?


If not, can you confirm your username by signing into Origin? Your username will be listed at the bottom left corner of the page once signed in. If it’s different than what you have listed, then you’ll need to use that name to search for stats on the website.

You can also link your Origin to your TRN account as well if you’d like, which should enable you to view your profile. You can do so by visiting the Linked Accounts page on the TRN website.

Additionally, have you changed your name recently? If you have, it may take a few days to completely update, which is why you might not be able to find your account in the interim.

That is indeed my profile.
I have linked my Origin to my profile, and my Origin name hasn’t been changed recently.

Hello this issue also happened to one of my friends account on PlayStation.
Any solution?

his PlayStation Network ID is: P-E-M-U-L-A