Origin account not showing on stats

i have entered my origin name and no tick next to it to confirm, stats aren’t showing as well.
my name on origin is lthlfrostyttv.
any help would be good.

Can you please screenshot your in-game profile and post it here for me?

Thank you

Please can you send a friend request to ‘jyml’ so I can review things in more detail (origin)

Once matters are working I shall ensure to remove you.

The reason I’m asking this is the fact that Origin ID does not appear to exist according to Origin

Thank you

i have tried to search the username on origin and doesnt show up.

I’ve added you directly in Apex; when you are next online look to accept.


no worries, i have accepted that.

Thank you; we’re investigating now.

Origin may be having some issues with lookups’ once I know more I’ll reply here!

Sorry :’(

@lthl_frosty can you try now?

lthlfrostyttv’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

ive tried to claim profile and nothing happens, still no tick next to origin.

seems to be working now, just cant seem to find stats on leaderboards, ill keep looking. thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

We do not grant the ‘Tick’ to Origin ID’s given how verify the profile; that can only be granted to certain systems right now.

In regards to your statistics not showing.

  1. We can only see your currently selected legend
  2. We do not see your global account stats (Total kills, deaths, KD)
  3. We only have access to your currently selected in-game trackers for your currently selected legend.

Apologies these limitations are forced upon us at this time.

Any further issues just reply below.

Thank you

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