Overlay kill feed is Not Accurate

I am New to the tracker and the Overlay is displaying inaccurate info for my Games.
Just finished a round with 3 kills and it states 1.

Hi @tys7er,

First of all, welcome to Tracker Network. :slight_smile:

The app will properly count direct kills performed with weapons. Moreover, it will count a kill if your opponent bled out.

However, the game also accounts indirect kills in your stats when you down an opponent but your teammate eliminates him/her. In this case, the game assigns this kill to you but the app assigns this kill to your teammate. Unfortunately, we cannot implement the game approach in the app because of technical limitations which is why your stats in the game will differ from your stats in the app sometimes.

P.S. At the moment, we do not assign a kill if an opponent was killed with a legend ability. However, we are going to implement it at some point in the future.