Overwatch tracker can't view my profile

I can’t get any stats for my own profile (or a friend’s); instead it tells me “That player has made their profile private.” without any ways to do something about it. This is my own profile (Vodizo#2209), and I’ve even linked my Battle.net account to my Tracker account, so I have no idea with this is happening. My Battle.net profile visibility is set to Public, and “Share Game Data” is enabled.

BTW, there doesn’t seem to be a forum category for Overwatch yet, so I had to put this in General.


If you play on both PC and Console, make sure you make sure you make your account public on both platforms then fully exit Overwatch.

  1. Once you’re logged onto the game, go to the game menu and select Options
  2. Choose the Social tab
  3. Find the Career Profile Visibility setting
  4. Clicking the right or left arrows to select Public

Unprivating your profile seems to be a little buggy. Try logging into to blizzards site here and searching yourself up, it helped unbug my profile, might work for you.

Once you’ve logged in, check your profile like so:

Your profile should be searchable on our site shortly after doing this.


Searching myself up like that indeed revealed my profile was set to private; in the end I had to open the privacy settings in the game and change my profile visibility there. Took like 30mins to apply as well.

Hey could you explain what you had to do? My settings in game and on my battlenet account seem to all be correct? Searching my profile on the blizzard site and trn still shows it as private though.

The settings I changed were making my career profile public in game
Setting battlenet profile to public
Enabled sharing game data from my battlenet account

Is there something else I’m missing that you did? Or is there something else I’m supposed to do from the blizzard site posted above? The imgur link just shows how to view your profile, but it doesn’t help fix the visibility issue

Is your profile still private now? It took a while to update for me.

Same issue for me i also can’t find my profile if i link my account it says profile is set to private but i already set it to public

yea still private after several days now, guessing its a blizzard side issue, unfortunately they havent responded to me yet