Paid for premium not working

Hello, I paid for the premium, they already gave me the discount but it doesn’t work … they won’t even let me enter my account now … if they don’t solve it, I’ll cancel the payment!


Hi @tonybaffoni,

Do you have any error when you try to log in? Could you show it please?

Also, please try to log in using some other browser on your PC or mobile. If you have this issue in all browsers, please send us your username on Tracker Network.

He sends me back to log in, he does not give me an error, my username is the same as here … tonybaffoni


Could you make sure your computer time is sync’d? There should be guides online for your operating system on how to sync it.

If your computer time is off too much our login will fail because it can’t properly verify your login.

I have everything perfect … I tried from the cell phone and it won’t let me in

I’ve send you a private message so that we can resolve this more easily.

Same issue. I have tried to log out and log in and also uninstalling and reinstalling app. Neither one worked.

Hi @ltwalt,

Could you provide more information about your issue please? Are you using our Apex Legends Tracker app? Are you using Steam or Origin to launch the game?

So sometimes the Apex Legends Tracker will track the guy in my party and not me. I tried starting with and without EA Play.

Could you tell us please how often it happens? We are getting more similar reports but we cannot reproduce the issue ourselves. If it happens to you again, could you send us your game logs after leaving a match? Also, please send us a screenshot of players in your lobby during or after the match to help us see the issue visually.

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