Paid for Premium >

Still see ad on my downloaded version of Tracker App:

Hi @TheBoomtasticLegend,

Please pay attention to the note on the left side of the app. You need to play a match to detect your nickname in Apex Legends (it is better to play Battle Royale since Arenas are not fully supported). If it still does not detect your nickname, please make sure “Overwolf Overlay” is enabled in the app settings or send us your game logs to help us understand the issue:

Sure we still pay for premium follow all of those instructions and still have ads great job

Hi @amlsurvivor,

We are dealing with many technical limitations in Apex Legends which is why various issues are still possible. However, we can help you resolve them only if you provide more information. If you are experiencing any issues with ads in our apps, please let us know.

I’m having the same issue. It’s showing ads even though I’m paying for premium.

Hi @KrazyDawg,

What is your current platform (Steam or Origin)? If you use Steam to play Apex Legends, please change your Steam nickname and use your Origin one instead (or use Origin to play Apex Legends instead of Steam). Unfortunately, this is currently the only way for us to detect that a Steam user has Premium membership on our website.

Hello. It’s Origin but I’m using the new EA app which was working fine prior to Season 11. I’ve had it working all the other past seasons. The tracker stopped working since Season 11. It looks like an app update was recently released on 11/11. There was some match history recorded on 11/8 for some reason but all the characters show a shadow figure and no stats.

I recall the last time there was an issue with tracking it had to do with being in a club. It’s showing my club name next to my Origin name in the tracker.

Thank you, we will verify the issue as soon as possible. The app should not show your club name and it might be the issue.

We have just updated the app, the issue should be fixed now. Please make sure that you are using v1.5.10 (you can check it in the app settings) and let us know if the app can detect your Premium membership now.

It’s intermittent for me. I already left the club but it was still showing ads.