Paid Premium, however isnt active

I paid for premium and when i go to “premium” tab and it loads it shows my end date… when i go to my settings and try and do premium settings it says i need premium… when i have it… i see the charge to. So im wondering did i do something or miss a step? cant even do support because im not “premium”.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @MlntyR6,

You may be encountering a rare bug that sometimes occurs. To solve, simply head to and login to the account with Premium.

Make sure you’ve connected your Ubisoft(PC)/Xbox/PSN account to your TRN account to take advantage of profile customization and more here:

If you still encounter issues, let us know.


yeah i have my Ubi/Xbox/steam/twitch and such… all connected.

Hi @MlntyR6,

Most likely, you are using a wrong account on our website. I will send you a private message with more information.

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