Paid premium still get adds

Paid premium still get adds, account is linked.

Hi @Blizz_Spider,

Could you please clarify which payment method you used?

i had the same issue, i used itunes and bought it through my phone

It worked after a couple days.

interesting alright

still isnt working :confused:

Please go to and login top right with your Premium account. This should solve your issue.

ive done everything shown here still doesnt work. payed with paypal still get adds

Please make sure you’ve logged into and you’re playing on the Ubisoft account that is linked to your Tracker Network account.

ive followed these steps also. used google pay. linked all accounts possible to my account still adds

Hi @screwball_McGee,

Where are you seeing ads specifically? Our site, mobile app, Overwolf app?

Please login to with your Premium account, could solve the issue.

If you’re seeing ads within the mobile app and your Premium status is not detected, please try “restoring purchase” on the app settings page.