Peek rr glitch, sadly stats are a huge part of valorant especially at "higher" ranks

Hi there trn support.
My valorant tracker has been bugged for a while now I never really thought to contact support as I hopped the problem would sort itself out. My tracker claims that i peeked 100rr. This is false. I have no photo evidence of this unfortantly. However, upon checking my career, you can clearly see that I acheived immortal 3 multiple times. This requires a minimum of 200rr. I have peeked alot higher but I’d understand if you are unable to put my true peek rr as i have no photo evidence as previously stated. (I reset my pc quite ofen). Although this is not exactly a first world problem, when things get heated in competitive games, which they do regularly, people end up searching your tracker 90% of the time and understanbly, no one believes me when I tell them its bugged.
Thank you for reading,

a response would be much appreciated


Please make sure that your account is not “anonymized” (you can enable/disable this option from the in-game leaderboard page). On your profile page on our site, a red warning triangle will be showing next to your RR if your account is anonymized.