Pernamently banned due to valorant tracker

A few days back my account was banned by riot. I have been talking to a riot worker and he told me it can’t be unbanned. In my ticket i mentioned the only program i have is valorant tracker. He told me the account can’t be unbanned and that valorant tracker and blitz are third party softweres. This is the whole ticket "Hello there,

GreenStyle here at your service.

I understand that getting banned can be extremely frustrating especially when you feel like it wasn’t warranted.

Our system detected 3rd party programs being used on the account. When it comes to 3rd party programs that can trigger a penalty they can be anything that modifies the game in ways they shouldn’t. Keep in mind that when it comes to 3rd party programs, even if you’ve used them before without problems, they can still trigger penalties down the line if the developer makes any updates that change the way the program interacts with our games.

Programs that might trigger a penalty:
Aim bot, Wallhacks, Scripts and other programs that give you an unfair advantage.
Auto-clickers, Device mappers, Valorant Tracker, Blitz, and other similar programs.
Skin changers or anything that modifies the base game or goes on top of the base game.
Other programs that interact with Vanguard in ways they shouldn’t.
With the penalty, A HWID ban will also be placed on your PC after the account was banned for cheating. HWID bans last for 120 days and after those days pass you will be able to play Valorant again on a different account. The account that got banned will stay banned permanently. Any account that tries to connect to Valorant before the HWID expires will also be permanently banned and it will be impossible to recover. I highly recommend waiting 120 days before trying to connect again.

After reviewing the account extensively I arrived at the conclusion that the account cannot be unbanned since the ban was applied rightfully.

Keep in mind that it is impossible for us to talk about the investigation process because this information can pose a huge risk for us since divulging any kind of information can lead to our future investigations failing and in consequence it might negatively affect our players.

The decision to keep the penalty was taken after thoroughly investigating the account to make sure that it was applied correctly under our current guidelines. I know that not having the penalty removed is quite disappointing, but I made sure to provide all the necessary context to see how I arrived at the conclusion that this penalty was warranted.

Have a great day!"

Hi @SadSayori,

If you believe the ban was caused by our app (or any other Overwolf app) and you have never used any forbidden software in Valorant, we highly recommend you to create a ticket on the Overwolf website first (remember to include as much information as possible in your ticket) and see what they can do for you:

Please note that the response from the Riot support is based on an outdated template, we expect Riot to update this template and remove our app from the list of possible ban reasons.

At the moment, we have no confirmed cases of players being banned for using our app. You can find more information on how Overwolf protects their users from being banned in these articles: