Personal Data Exports?

Hey Team,

Was wondering if you would be able to offer a data export functionality or API access. I’ve always been a fan of tracking stats and keeping this data offline in the rawest form possible for fun development projects, but I’m finding it’s becoming harder to get this data in an easily accessible format with newer games. For example, I’m struggling to get match details for Vanguard and Cold War though the Activision endpoints…darn blank arrays :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to allow:

  • Raw data extracts of combined data shown on your site. For example, I was able to archive my Black Ops Cold War stats by saving a pdf of each individual webpage, including matches (after opening all the match dropdowns). With the new Vanguard interface, it’s not as simple and would require a scraper setup. However, a data download would be much preferred.

  • Potentially, allow access to your APIs which you use with each game studio. This could be strictly limited to a few gamer accounts per TRN account (so that someone doesn’t try to build their own site off of your APIs)

I think it goes without saying that this ask would be for Premium, or even Premium+ (a higher cost tier that includes data access). Even if you offered for free, I’d join premium in support.

Thanks for reading!