PINNED - 'Cannot locate ID' - Please comment here

Hi everybody!

We’re aware users are struggling to link their Origin/EA IDs to our platform and are seeing the error message ‘The EA name you provided could not be found, please check your spelling.’

Please comment below with your TrackerNetwork login ID & your Origin ID so we can track the issues.

Once I have word from the team that users can link accounts again, I’ll personally reach out to you all.

Apologies for this; we did not want to see this at the start of a new season!


Tracker ID is SuitedTen
EA/Origin ID is SuitedTen64

Tracker ID: Venrail

EA/Origin Id: VenrailHashimoto

Hola mi
tracker id es: iErick
EA ID es: iericktv
No me deja vincular mi cuenta.

TrackerID: Gleason
OriginID: Gleason

Hello there, thank you for the hardwork

Tracker and EA ID are nautynote

Tracker ID: UnityBG

EA/Origin Id: msoso38

Tracker ID: yatox__
EA ID: yyyyatox

@Msoso38 @yatox @iErick @nautynote @SuitedTen @Gleason Thank you for the reports; we’re working on a fix. I’ll still return to you once we know things are stable.

Sorry about this

Thanks a lot

Hello same problem

Tracker on origin is : DKMG01

it is for pc

It’s fine, programs have bugs, things happen.

Thank you for the heads up!!

Tracker ID: Alelgp
Origin: WA_Ale44

thanks for the help

Tracker ID : raffirafi
Origin / EA ID : Pakdin-X-TTV

Tracker ID is Chleba_50
EA/Origin ID is Chleba50

i think its fixed, i just managed to do it

but when i go to homepage, it shows like this

it also says the profile is claimed

@Msoso38 @yatox @iErick @nautynote @SuitedTen @Gleason @Dkmg01 @nautynote @Alelgp @raffirafi @Chleba_50

Things should now be working as intended:

  1. Head here to link your Origin/EA account to your TrackerNetwork Profile: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

  2. Make sure you enter the correct account ID and not the ‘nickname’ of the account; you can verify your account’s correct ID here: Customer Portal (

If you have ANY issues at all, please ping me; we’re monitoring the situation and appreciate this issue took some time to resolve on our side <3

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It works for me now! Thank you, I love y’all

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doesnt work for me still

TrackerID : GhostXXZ

EA ID: Sakmadik47