Player not found error 404

My profile for bloodhunt disappeared

I haven’t made any changes such as the username is there a way to fix this
(The username is skatergirl59)

The error code is just 404 Player not found

A few options here:

  1. Have you recently/ever changed your username? (WHICH YOU CONFIRM YOU HAVE NOT)

  2. Bug on ourside; when did this start to happen?

  3. If your account was banned from the game and/or you were caught cheating Sharkmob block access to your account statistics; we know they are very much on top of this also.

  1. No I haven’t changed my name nor have I ever
  2. This happened yesterday around 2pm (may 31st) it was working during the morning
  3. I’m not banned on the game I’m still able to play nor is there any reason for such

I have contacted Sharkmob about the situation and they don’t have an answer for what happened, @LostBlood @Lewie

Another note: This only happened after I used a class that I haven’t used before. Then the profile disappeared

hey @Awfulplayer,

Have you find a solution to your problem ?

I have exactly the same problem, in my case, my account had been banned.
After my unban my tracker is still not visible.

The sharkmob support told me to wait 48 hours, but it’s been more than 5 days…