Player profile private (ranks not shown)

So when I open the overlay it usually shows “Player profile private” and not the ranks or so on until I click on it and open the Profile of that player.
Why is that so? I mean why can I see all the stats on the tracker page but not in the overlay?

Hi @cunnus123,

Could you please give us any examples when it happens? What are the nicknames of players?

Hello and thanks for the answer!

I’ll try to describe it as good as possible (I’ll provite screenshots if possible when I get in a game)

So first is in champ selection. (you get that overlay with K/D ratio, Rank and so on)
Some players are marked as Plat 1 for example and some got nothing except “player profile is private” so it doesnt show the rank or so on. when I click on that user and the page shows up that’s when I’m able to see the rank.

In the loadingscreen as well, people in the enemy team are marked as Plat 1 or Gold or whatever and some aren’t ranked at all and it only shows “player profile is private” until I press on that user and does open.

I did use another Overlay and wanted to switch to because I liked all the features in it
that other overlay did show a rank for every person ingame so I was just wondering why didn’t do that

Screenshots if possible will be dlivered in like 20-30 minutes

here are two screenshots for example
(why exactly are all profiles private on but on another overlay every rank is shown just fine?)
Mxts is my mate for example who is ranked but the rank isn’t shown

and gng is gold 2 that isn’t shown even tho the profile is public and it is first shown when clicking on the profile to open

here is the second screenshot of gng’s rank that isn’t shown ingame