Please help me remove ban notification from my profile

Hi there, just over a year ago my Ubisoft account was hacked and along with that the hacker had gotten me banned on Rainbow Six, I’ve only just noticed that Tracker displays the ban, am I able to provide proof that I did not hack and have the ban removed? Thank you

Hello @Kurro and welcome to the TRN forums.

I edited your title to be a summary rather than an exact copy of the body of your post.

Have you contested the ban with Ubisoft? I know the R6Tracker page has that section listed as “Ban History”, which may indicate that TRN is keeping that particular data somewhere, but if you have the ban removed from Ubisoft it might get removed from your R6Tracker profile page as well if TRN pulls directly from Ubisoft for this data.

Can you also confirm if this is your account?

Hi, sent you a direct message.