Post your Uplay verification issues here

Hello my ubisoft account cannot link to trn because it wants me to switch to a profile picture that simply doesnot exist in the browser.
(Vigil from r6s)

Uplay is SecretFish

Thank you!

Hi, you can also link via Twitch, further details here:

i tried it serveral times but it takes the username of my xbox account instead of my ubisoft account.

my ubisoft: GG.EU-Conner

My PSN is GlitzAkira. Thanks for the help bro

Uplay: Prosued
and it has my old twitch name not my new one still

Sounds like this guide may be of use to you, make sure to read it carefully:

Uplay : cynuji.VRxJ

please help me to join the country leaderboard i try many times but i still not on leaderboard

Uplay Name : Zeb.Dyne

Hello, im having issues verifying my uplay. ID: Adqn.

My tracker isn’t showing me on the leaderboard or my profile views?….

Uplay name :

My psn : sTussy-zum

Uplay Name : Zeb.nL

Uplay name:Mo1tz.nL

PC Ubisoft Account: Pusch41
Thank you!

Hey I linked my psn account and it won’t link or show my profile in the app
PSN: lTojii


My old PSN was BogusGasMannn and when logged into the TRN app it shows my new PSN when I go to account settings but on the main page it shows my old account. It won’t allow me to see any stats as it’s searching my old one.

New PSN - Hugh_Jarsss

Hi, My account was banned because of battleye´s system a few days ago and it was a mistake, today i got unbanned but on the tracker it still says that i have a cheating history, I am a pro player for Maycam Evolve and I was told to try to fix this so there are no problems with my account, right now I am not banned anymore and i can play without problems but I´d like to fix that in my tracker, also my views dont show on my profile. My account is Dante7.eV and the link is R6Tracker - Dante7.eV - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

My psn is JJdawg012. For some reason it’s wasnt showing the accuracy but now it’s showing that account not found

My PSN ID is: Kzerko