Premium Benifits Not Active

Payment for TRN premium subscription has been taken from my account yet i still have grouped matches, ads on app and online, no access to priority support, and i cannot change my profile picture. I use TRN for Fortnite. I am signed in and my epic account is linked.

Hi, I can see you’ve previously had Premium on this TRN account, but there’s no active subscription.

Do you have another TRN account that you just purchased Premium on?

I do not have another account. Is there somewhere i can send a photo of my bank transactions to show a payment was taken from my account?

@Jarz8811 Can you send everything to [email protected], and we’ll resolve this for you.

If you can confirm both your TRN ID & Epic ID also that would be ideal.

I sent you everything and have not recievied a reply.