Premium dont work

I bought premium and I still see ads with the words buy premium, when I click buy, I write that I have active premium until May 4. My account doesn’t have a premium tag and I can’t change my avatar because it says I have to buy premium. Scandal even if it is fixed I will lose 3 days of premium subscription. Such a thing should be done automatically and not that after making the payment I still haven’t received the item and time is passing.


I can see that your Premium membership is active on your account. However, there is no information about your gaming platforms in our system which is why you cannot see your Premium benefits when you open your game profiles.

Please link your gaming platforms on this page to enable your Premium benefits in your game profiles:

I have a riot and epic games account


disconnect and reconnect your epic games account

Can you see I’m hooked now?

However, I still ask why I still have ads and I can’t change my avatar because I write that I don’t have premium. I feel cheated because I don’t get any benefit I paid for

It looks like you are using a wrong account. I will send you a private message with more information.