Premium never works

I’ve been subscribed to premium for probably 5 months now i have receipts From where I’ve been getting charged. So now I would just like to cancel .

Hi @BINK007,

Could you please clarify what kind of issues you are experiencing?

I have checked your current account used on this forum and it looks like you are not subscribed. Is it possible that you used a different email when you subscribed?

Nope this is the one and only and ive subscribed and linked my xbox live gt. Thats why Im just gonna cancel because its just not working properly.

I sent you a private message on this forum, please reply.

I have a similar situation. I have a premium, but there are still ads in the app, how can I overcome it?

Hi @legaxyz,

Could you please clarify which app you are using? Is it a desktop app or mobile app? How did you purchase your Premium membership exactly?

i using desktop app. bought by applepay

Are you using our Valorant desktop app? If so, please make sure your Riot Games username is up-to-date on this page:

If your username is outdated, please unlink your current profile and sign in with Riot ID to update your account details:


The app will be able to detect your Premium membership once you link your current Valorant profile to your Tracker Network account.

Yeah, I had a different nickname, I’ll try it now


it still asks me :c

Have you tried to play a match and/or restart the app? Does the app show your current nickname now? If not, please open the app settings, reset the app data, restart the app, and link your current Valorant profile manually.

I checked your profile and the app was able to detect your Premium membership: