Premium not working

I paid for premium, restarted both the app, and the game multiple times, and I am still getting ads. I have no idea why, the right account is linked, but it wont work.

Hi @FyreRode,

Could you give us a link to your profile on our website please?

im having the same exact issue

Hi @SimplyJalen and welcome to the TRN forums!

Can you confirm if this is your account?

If not, can you please provide a link to your profile like the above on the TRN website? You can go here to look it up and then just copy the URL of your profile once redirected.

Same issue on win11

Hi @TheSynapses,

Could you provide more information please? Does the app detect your nickname properly? Did you link the same Riot account on this page?

yes to all above, the only thing is I am running dev win 11.
all software is up to date, all info is correct in the app.

Is your nickname TheSynapsesORG#zycom? I tried to emulate your profile and your Premium membership works properly in my tests:

Can you see your stats in the app?

I am having the same issue

Hi @jakey_poo,

Could you provide more information please? Have you tried to restart the app?

I can see that the app can detect your Premium membership:

I cant even find out how to get premium