Premium Questions

Just upgraded to premium but my overview tab is blank showing no information. Maybe im missing something?

Unrelated, none of the rounds i played this morning have been updated. I was of the understanding that with premium those rounds would auto update even if you arent on the app. Maybe i havent waited long enough/misunderstood?

Hi @Rctebata,

As a Premium member, please remember you can get support faster using the form below. :slight_smile:

Regarding your question, could you check this instruction please? We are not able to track stats in particular cases:

It also may be the reason why your match history is not updated automatically.

@Rctebata If you’re still having issues feel free to DM me directly. Happy to help

@LJM I’m having the same issue. I’ve put 2 tickets through the premium support today but have not gotten any responses just yet. I got the premium over 24 hours ago now but I still have ads on the desktop app and ingame overlay.

I’ve already replied via premium for you; however if you happen to see this first can you confirm the following;

Which app are you using? Tracker live; or Apex legends Tracker?

Secondly can you link me to your profile; we need to ensure your accounts are linked up here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

Hey so I replied to your email but have not heard anything back? I’m going on day 3 without premium actually working… I’m using valorant tracker. I double and triple checked to make sure everything was linked correctly, I even uninstalled valorant tracker and reinstalled it and still did not work.

I’ll be canceling my subscription. What useless support…

Hi @NealCity,

I noticed you linked this account but you do not have any stats:

Do I get it right that you are using a different account in the game? It is probably the reason why you are still seeing ads.