Premium Won't Sync

Rocket League
TRN App - Android
My premium status won’t sync in the TRN app. Only option offered is to pay again but thru the Play Store or leave feedback. App needs a profile refresh button that can cUrl specific flags

I show that your premium is active. Can you try to logout and login again? Make sure you are on the correct account, StormCursed.

Let us know if it’s still not active.

Still no. I can add avatar. I’ve got the wrethe or whatever. But the app won’t recognize that I’m premium. Can’t restore purchase. Logged in and out. Uninstalled. Switched linked accounts. Nothing.

in app screen cap of what I’m seeing on my end.

Hey there, the issue should be resolved. Please let us know if you’re still having issues!

logged out. cleared cache logged in. no change.

Thanks for your patience. Looks like there were a couple different bugs. We believe we’ve addressed the one impacting you now. Please try one last time. You should only have to restart the app (ie. close it and reopen it.)

resolved. thanks for your persistence in solving.