Prevent Overwolf Tracker App from "jumping" to Game Monitor

Hi all! This is my first post and first time using TRN, so please forgive me if this is a common/known issue.

I play Halo Infinite on PC via Steam’s “Big Picture” mode with two monitors. I play with the game in fullscreen windowed on one monitor, and I like to keep the second (non-game) monitor open on a browser window.

My thought was that I would just keep the Tracker app open and “expanded” on the second screen so I could glance over at it instead of using hotkeys to open it and close it, especially since I use controller and keep the keyboard away from me while I’m playing (not to mention, Overwolf does not allow for controller input when remapping the overlay hotkey). However, I noticed that when launching Halo Infinite from Big Picture on Steam, the Tracker app “jumps” to the monitor where I have the game open. This will then block part of the game’s window until I close the app using the Overwolf hotkey. I cannot use the mouse to drag the app back over to the other screen, and I cannot use the Win + Arrow key to shift it over using the Windows hotkeys to move application windows around.

Is this behavior intentional? Is there a way to opt-out or force keeping the Tracker app window in a specific monitor? Is it because it is considered an “overlay” that it must be open on the same screen as the game being played? If so, can the overlay sit where the scoreboard would open and display information there when the scoreboard is open instead of requiring usage of a hotkey to open and close the app?

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide, it is much appreciated!

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Hi @vindictivesmurf,

Thank you for your feedback. The app works as an overlay only and you cannot keep it open on your second monitor right now. However, the second screen support is planned in future releases.

As of now, you might be able to adjust the app window position on your primary monitor before launching the game. It will not solve the problem entirely but the app will be shown in a less distracting place on your screen.



Thank you for the reply! I appreciate your time.

I understand that what I am expecting is not yet a feature of the app, and I look forward to hearing more about the development process (especially regarding second screen support!).

Please take care and have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

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