Previous Season does not show correctly

If I go to my TRN profile and look at the previous season it shows as if I have not played a single game, and the ranks show like the ones I got reset to at the start of the current one. I have looked at my friend’s profiles and all of theirs show correctly. My Epic Games account is correct, but my Steam one does not show the same, both are named ImSmoshy.

Same is happening with me

Hi @ImSmoshy and @Nuke_Luigi,

I checked your profiles and the previous season includes your playlist ranks and matches. Could you attach a screenshot to make sure I am not looking at a wrong place?

It’s the same issue that happened at the start of last season, which was eventually fixed. For some players the previous seasons final ranks are reduced and the matches played is on 0. You can look on mine and go to the “S6 (20)” tab rllrbone's Rocket League Stats - Rocket League Tracker

This is my Steam Account

This is my Epic account, both are linked to the same ingame account, but the steam account sais that no games has been played last season and the Epic game ACC shows correctly. @LostBlood thankful for any help :slight_smile:

same here.

@LostBlood this is still happening. The fix must be the same as last time surely?

ALL - We have pushed a fix for this. Let us know if you have any other issues. Data could be missing a couple of hours, but should be as correct as possible.

Let us know if you see any major issues.


I’m missing my stats from multiple seasons still.