Primed Regalia Reward

Hey there,

Just earned the Primed Regalia pfp frame.
It said I had earned enough XP and reached Hero. I cannot find it in my inventory to equip it. Any help would be great.

Thanks guys, you are amazing as always!

Changing your profile avatar ‘Frame’ is simple:

  1. Head to your profile by clicking your profile icon at the bottom middle of the app
  2. While on your profile click on your profile icon/frame in the top left
  3. Select your new frame by clicking on the icons on the right-hand side

If you prefer a video example of this you can find one here: TRN Support - How to change your avatar frame (

Hey dude!

Thanks for tip.
I was talking about not having it in my inventory once I claimed it.
This is what I have currently.


Hi, Can you do me a favour and fully close the app; reopen the app and see if you now have the option to select the frame?

I tried it.
Not showing on Mobile or PC.
Was I not supposed to get it?
It was the purple framed one.

Thanks for all your help