Private Match Tracking

Hi! Does your service track private match stats? Reason for asking is that I’m trying to organize a rec league and scoring is always a pain when it comes to those things (asking folks to use the honor system, take screenshots, etc). Would love to just be able to go here and see exactly how they did in the matches. The problem is that I’m hosting all games in the Private Match (Warzone Duos) part of COD. Is there a way for those stats to also get pulled into my tracker even if they don’t count towards my overall progression within the game? Thanks!

Hi @wisc_11986,

We are aware of the interest in tracking private matches. Unfortunately, there is no way to track them at the moment, and we do not know if it will be possible in the future as well.

Thanks @LostBlood for the response! Had a feeling and that makes sense. I’ll keep my fingers crossed in the future. Cheers!