Private profile, how disable?

Hello, when i search for my profil “ElevY#4017” in the search bar, after have cliking on my profil, the site tell me that my account is private. So how can i disable it and set it to public ?
Thanks in advance

(PS : I am French so my English may not be very good)

Hi @elevy,

Thank you for your message. You need to sign in with Riot ID on our home page to make your profile public:


It will redirect you to the Riot website where you have to allow access to your stats.

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Hello, thank you for your quick response. The problem is that when I log in with the “sign in with Riot ID”, I enter my password etc and it connects me to an account called “ElevY#EUW” and it shows me that I have never played valorant with this account. But when I log into the Riot Client application and enter the same password and username, it logs me into the correct account “ElevY#4017”.
Do you have a solution to my problem?

Can you try doing this incognito? (Ctrl+shift+N). There must be something weird going on.


where do I do this? (I write this sentence to be able to post my message)

You need to do it in your browser. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, please follow one of these instructions to browse in private (incognito):

Chrome: Browse in private - Computer - Google Chrome Help

Firefox: Private Browsing - Use Firefox without saving history | Firefox Help

Other browsers have a similar feature too.

When I do that, it just opens a new browser window.

Please use the new browser window to sign in with Riot ID.

When I do that, it logs me into the same account as before. It’s really a problem I don’t know how to do.

“ElevyyB#7437 has no played Valorant”

But when I enter the same password on the Riot Client:


Works now.

i have the same problem
im using a account named seba500027#9481
but when i try to log in via. riot id it says another account that has never played valorant

try incognito - people with multiple accounts sometimes aren’t fully logged out on the other account.