Problem with app

When I am playing events in fortnite, app is not showing my place, only my stats (like total kills in this season)


The app will show your current placement and other important stats when you reach Top 10,000. If you reached Top 10,000 but the app does not show you anything, please send us a link to your profile on our website:

Also, please let us know what event you are playing right now. You can find it in the list of events on our website:

yes, I was in the top 10000 but I could not see. My profile
now i am not palying, but i played FNCS second week and trio csah cup

how do you login on the actual

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I have an account that I can sign into but when I downloaded the app it doesn’t give me any option to sign into my account it just automatically generates one.

The links above are the pictures that show the automatically generated account and mine, Mine is the (Killerjdog0708)
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Here’s the other profile it automatically generated.

Hi @killerjdog0708,

Having “Unknown Player” in the app means that the app could not detect your profile automatically. Could you check please that “Overwolf Overlay” is enabled in the app settings? Also, have you tried to play a match while the app is running in background? (Please note that you should launch the app before the game.)


If it does not help, please send us your Overwolf logs: