problem with the valorant tracker app

hello I have a problem with your application overnight it’s as if it does not recognize me and what recognition does not value it does not recognize my profile and in live match it tells me to start a match but I have tried several times but it does not work and when I am in the choice of characters I do not see the stats of my ally nor mine in fact I see nothing at all as if javai not the aplile software does not detect me unless I enter my id but even with my id I don’t have access to the live match (426.0 KB)


I suspect the app isn’t working as your Overwolf plugin is out of date. Can you follow the steps in this guide? It should automatically update you to the latest version.

After completing those steps, you should see a folder called 231.0.0 here: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME_HERE\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Extensions\ggfmakpbllghoepnmfelddbminamnbmfelbahfdp