Profile and Leaderboard not showing Valkyrie stats

My profile not showing Valkyrie stats, also not Valkyrie leaderboard not showing for me. Profile stats are also not updated.

What’s your platform and ID?

Please note we have not yet added the special event trackers for Valkyrie; it may be worth updating your profile with the standard trackers for now.

Thank you

Plat: Origin
ID: WrongAiming

Sure, i just want normal stats for Valkyrie to be updated, as it is not even showing in my profile or leaderboard for Valkyrie.

You’re right i cannot see any kills for Valk; can you screenshot your ingame profile with the correct trackers equipped and we’ll take a look.

Thank you

Special event Valk trackers are not yet in the database; please use the standard trackers for now.

We’re working on this (heck i use them myself!)


Looks like you’re all set; as I said. Special trackers are out of commission right now

Yes Thanks, When will special trackers be updated?