Profile is not available

My profile name is on the left side, but on the right where my stats are suppoesed to be, it says “Sign in with Riod ID” But when I click it it says “Profile is not available”

Hi @NoahTheJellyFish,

What is your nickname? Have you tried to find your profile on our website?

Thank you for the help, it’s all works now

Hi. I have the same problem as @NoahTheJellyFish .
I found my nickname on your website, but it still doesn’t work.

Hi @Aaxtu,

Could you provide more information about your issue please? What is your Valorant nickname? What nickname does the app detect on the left side of the main app window?

My Valorant nickname is Aaxtu#4974 and the app shows the same nickname on the left.

Hello, I think I have the same problem, I don’t know what I pressed, but I don’t see my profile in the application, in the website it is normal, but in the application it only says New Agent and I can not login, I tried to uninstall it but it does not work.

Hi @biank1_t0u,

Could you read the instructions in this topic please? Does it resolve the issue for you?

It works thank you