Profile not found after name change

Hi, thank you guys for what you do.

So after reading other threads, I see that there is an issue finding accounts where names have changed.

And in the R6 Tracker, I cannot seem to find my profile (or find it by joining a game).

My previous username was “Trevork60”.

My current username is “DANCEWITHDUCKS”.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

hey, the issue is on the ubisoft side rather than r6 tracker.

I had a similar issue and that was what I was told.

It will be fixed asap.

Hi, this issue should be resolved on Sept 12th when Ubisoft re-enable their API.

i am having the same issue once I switched to Xbox i cannot find the new account only the old account
my PSN name was “middlemorehead”
my new account is “GivMorehead”