Profile Picture Not Appearing Issue

Hello, support team,

I am experiencing an issue with my profile picture in the app. It is not appearing on my profile. I have tried refreshing the page and logging in again, but the problem persists.

Could you please help me resolve this issue? Thank you in advance for your attention, and I look forward to a solution.


Can you specify what game/site it is for?
A direct link to your profile would help here.


I am expieriencing the same issue, I have updated my banner and my profile picture on the website(here) but on the mobile app nothing has changed, I even changed my PSN avatar but that hasn’t changed in the app either(stuck with original PSN avatar)

Just realised, you have to have premium…nvm

Thank you for that; I’ll note it internally for you.

We should have pulled your Xbox Live image when you first searched your profile; we don’t, however, and then run updates as you change avatars on Xbox.

I’ll try to see if other users have this issue, and also make sure we get fixes where needed.

Thanks for reporting

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