Profile update android destiny 2

Android - Destiny 2

Hello, i recently updared my Bungie account name and my trn app isnt showing my updated name as a selection for my profile. It is instead saying that it cant reach my old profile name even though i have it updated on the trn website portion. Hitting the redresh button doesnt update my name either. HELP!

Hi @Hefty83,

Are these your current usernames? They both work fine on the mobile app and site for me:
PSN: Hefty83

If the “my profile” button in the mobile app nav bar isn’t working, I’d try signing out of your TRN account and signing back in (within the mobile app).

Yes, ive tried doing that a few times. I have even deleted the account, app, and recreated it a few times. Each time i try to link the account, my only option is the old bungie id. Refreshing doesnt update it either. When i tap the add account option, it shows the correct bungie id on the website. Any suggestions?