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I’ve been previously been banned by battle eye, but after proving that I was indeed not cheating and that my account was legitimate and being unbanned by Ubisoft, the tracker will no longer display things such as my profile views, my rank leaderboard placement, my operator stats etc. This applies to the overwolf app as well. Please address this. It has been going the same way for over a year now. Thank you.


We do not remove bans unless Ubisoft has confirmed directly that another user’s account was stolen/hijacked and then used for malicious activity OR a ban was applied in error.

If you request that we remove your ban history, please provide evidence of your account login activity and chat records with Ubisoft for that period.

We are not currently removing ANY ban without solid evidence.

Cheating markers on profiles will remove access to views as you note.

  • Provide your TRN ID
  • Link me to your account

here is my account ID:
Permanent link:
And my account was wrongfully banned thats why they unbanned me, I have a whole Youtube linked to it to prove i do not cheat!

You’re going to need to provide evidence direct from Ubisoft confirming the ban was an error, after that we will review :slight_smile:

Here the respond i got from them after opening a case for it!

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I’ve added your account to my ban review list; I’ll be reviewing ban requests this weekend and coming back the those who we can help :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hello again,

Any update about my case?

Thank you!

@Godly Morning, yes, I’ve reviewed it, and you’re on the to-be-unbanned list. I’ll get it over to my colleague to remove for you.

Thank you