PS account is not showing up when you try to link them

When searching to link my PS account… my name or account doesn’t even show up.

Hi @iSwifty94,

What is your PlayStation username? Have you tried to find your stats using your Activision ID?

iSwifty94- is my psn. iSwifty94 is Activision. If i just search my name on cod tracker it comes up and shows everything. But when I go to link my account it doesn’t find the name. I click claim profile and then it takes me to the search bar. I type it in and nothing comes up in psn or Activision. I even tried the number ID behind your name. Nothing seems to work, but my YouTube link.

Can you please screenshot this page for me, please? Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

Your linked account should show as follows (here is mine as an example)

Please note we cannot apply the ‘verified tick’ to all platforms