PSN Account link

Why can’t I seem to get my PSN account or Activision Account linked to the TRN app?

Hi @space_0660,

Do you mean our mobile app? What happens when linking them?

Yes the mobile app. I tried it through my pc too. So for example, when you click on the space to enter your Microsoft XBox user id, you are taken to the actual microsoft link verification page. The same happened for every service on the link list that I checked except for PSN and Activision. Nothing happened even when I entered in my ID except an error was thrown saying to optimize my experience to link multiple accounts. This happened still even after I entered YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft, etc. Ultimately I wasn’t able to link the accounts that I actually use for the only game that I care about tracking which is Warzone.

Unfortunately, there is no way to verify your PlayStation or Activision profile in a similar fashion which is why we require to link some other platforms first. If you have enough linked platforms, you are allowed to link any PSN or ATVI username to your profile.

As of now, only two platforms have been verified in your profile (Twitch and YouTube). If you have more game platforms, could you link them all as well? Then, please try to link your PSN/ATVI profile and send us a screenshot of an error if you get it.

I have the same problem , i already linked a reddit and youtube account and verified them , but when i try to put my PSN ID , and activision , nothing happened , please help

And when i want to claim my profile of warzone , it just sends me to linked accounts , and nothing is verified i think

I found that I had to keep linking new accounts until it would allow me for PSN and Activision.

I am trying to link my PlayStation account, it’s telling me to link atleast 2 other platforms…

I linked my Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, and the message still pops up, denying my verification of my PlayStation account. Please help!

Hi @slippiri,

In some cases, it might not be enough to link social platforms. Do you have other gaming platforms you could link to your profile (e.g., Steam or Origin)?

Hey dear Support,

I’ve linked now Twitch, Youtube, Discord (which is also linked to my psn) and twitter as well as i have linked my playstation steam and Ubisoft.
Im out of any clue how i could connect my psn to my account to track it. Any other friend of mines has it done already with less effort and its not workin in my case so might the support up for new ideas?

Hi @ZaphileHawTRON,

Could you clarify please what kind of issue you are experiencing exactly? I can confirm you linked your gaming platforms correctly.

If you cannot view your stats, it is not related to linking your accounts. What game do you want to check your stats in? Are there any errors when you search for your profile?