R6, I'm not appearing on leaderboard

Hey! I’m D1 in this current season so far and I’m not appearing on Leaderboard?


Hopefully once the next leaderboard update runs you will show here: R6: Siege Leaderboard - Rank Points - Rainbow Six Siege Tracker

I will say; we have at least one other user who isn’t showing on the regional ranked LB so we are investigating possible delays/bugs stopping some players from showing.


Hey it’s quite alright, No worries thanks for clarifying and have a fantastic day


I have previously been on the Australian regional leaderboards for R6 but recently been removed and have been active on the game. I have tried making a new account and linking a discord and twitch with the Australian geo settings updated, but after many leaderboard updates im still not appearing even though im 150 into champion

@Lewie any chance you could add me onto the r6 leaderboards… its henripig

Unfortunately same for me, been on the Estonian R6S leaderboard before, now top 10 and not appearing. Gamertag is UbiFixMatchmaki on PC.