[R6] New Site Feedback & Changelog

R6 V3 Beta Feedback

We’re releasing our new R6 site very soon! We’d love to hear your feedback so we can address any issues.

View the beta site here.

Here’s an example profile.

If you have any feedback, please leave it here.

Note, some of these changes below may not have been implemented fully yet. We are aware of some bugs with and design issues, we just wanted to share what we have so far :slight_smile:



  • Updated design and layout on all pages.


  • Completely new frontend and backend. The site should be a lot faster, and fewer errors should occur.

Player Search

  • You can now find a user by their past alias. If you do not wish to be found by your previous alias, link your Ubi/Xbox/PSN account to your (free) TRN account and manage your R6 account settings on our website.
  • Improved autofill results.

Profile: Overview Tab

  • Moved current season stats to top of page.
  • Added better support for the “Standard” playlist.
  • Added RP progression graph
  • View combined stats for all playlists for the current season.
  • Added Battlepass Level
  • Added Operator Roles, see whether a player tends to play trap operators, entry fragger roles etc.
  • Added snippet of match history.
  • Removed stats Ubisoft deprecated.

Profile: Matches Tab

  • Current rank icon and RP added to each match row (we’ve combined match history and RP history from the current/old website)
  • It should be rare to see “grouped” matches now.
  • A basic match scoreboard should be available for every match. It’ll include a list of players from that match, and their stats.
  • Detailed scoreboard data will available for PC players when desktop app data is imported (soon).
  • Premium users can see headshot % for each individual match (soon). Unfortunately, we can’t provide this for every player, it requires an additional request to Ubisoft’s API after every match you’ve played and we’d exceed our current limits.
  • Premium users can view some additional stats per match (soon), such as match score, damage dealt, assists, headshots, wallbangs, team kills, kills on/off site as attacker/defender. We cannot provide these stats for every user for each match for the same reasons stated above.

Profile: Seasonal Tab

  • Seasonal stats are now displayed in a table, rather than cards. Should be easier to compare stat changes per season now!
  • You can now filter by playlist.

Profile: Trends Tab

  • Added “playstyle” stats. See whether a player typically gets kills anchoring the objective or on the roam.
  • Added a more detailed view of operator roles played.
  • Removed stats Ubisoft deprecated.


  • Added rank distribution for PC and Console. This represents all the players in our database, there is no minimum match requirement.
  • Combined Xbox and PSN leaderboards for Ranked 2.0 seasons. We cannot tell whether matches were played on Xbox or PSN anymore, so didn’t make sense to separate them. The leaderboards are still separated for Ranked 1.0 seasons.
  • Removed lifetime stats from leaderboard filters. These may return in the future, there are technical difficulties supporting these leaderboards at the moment.

If you’d like to provide feedback, please do so here. Please let us know what you DO like. If you are encountering any issues, please be descriptive, provide URL links too! Please keep feedback constructive and we’ll make the necessary improvements if possible!

hello guys , i am sending this feedback just to say that a design is so cool and i know you did a really nice good job in the r6 tracker now the tracker is running too smooth in , it seems more enjoyable to watch your stats and now it’s more detailed and clear ,plus now u can see all the match details thank you for your efforts in rebuilding the templates , i wish you guys the best luck .

Hi, thank you for the kind words, appreciate it!

Still got some more features to add and some bugs to squash.

Stay tuned!

My rank for commanding force was Champ but on this new one says emerald It should be champ

The trends tab and Xbox profile pictures seem to not work at the moment.



@StaticDawn, thanks, we’ll look into that one.

@Ion-charged, thanks, we’re aware of issues with historical stats on the trends tab. In the process of cleaning it up.

Good luck in work

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add hidden nickname(privacy mode) for 'stalkers imbecils.

Love the console match rosters! So good to see my opponent’s ranks. Many matches list N/A for other players. Is this a bug or are they hidden or something?

Hi @Lonesteban,

Thank you for your feedback!

“N/A” means that we currently have no information about a player in our database.

That’s interesting. Often when I manually look up players who were in the match (with a screenshot as reference) and are showing N/A on the match details, I get their information. That’s why I assumed it was a bug. I’m guessing maybe you don’t record information in your database until a user queries their name and then you pull the data from Ubi?

N/A can also appear when we don’t recieve a player’s stats for that match.
We believe the issue should start to get better once we fully switch over to our new site. We also depend on a Ubisoft datasource to remain stable in order to avoid this “N/A” issue.

one of my game stats has no kills and no deaths when i actually had 9 kills and 2 deaths

I believe the desktop site is not showing player ban status. On mobile it shows if a player received a ban (i.e. for cheating) but I can’t find the same indicator on the desktop site. Unless I’m blind…

Here’s a banned player for reference

hello, i found a small bug is that I am not on the leaderboard in my country, and this is Russia. earlier, in the old version of the site, I was there, I ask you to solve my problem. my nickname on PlayStation is KostyaSim. my profile shows my country, but I don’t appear in the table.

Hi, this issue has now been fixed, it shouldn’t happen in the future. Unfortunately we couldn’t correct historical matches with this issue.

Hi, the site is showing bans, but a bug is affecting the ban notification from appearing on this profile you’ve linked. I believe I know the cause, will look into, thanks.

Hi, I can see you’re appearing now.

Regional leaderboards take a bit longer to update than standard ones.

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