R6 PC Overlay Stuck on "Loading Match"

We are aware that some users are occasionally experiencing an issue where the overlay fails to load the player stats in your game. If you are on this post, you are likely seeing this pop-up…

At the moment, this seems to be an issue on Overwolf’s side, we are not receiving the data that tells us who is in your match.

At this stage, we need your help in figuring out how to reproduce the issue reliably. We need to figure out why some people are getting the issue, and what is causing it.

If you can, please let us know:

  • If you are playing on DirectX or Vulkan.
  • What game mode you were last playing, and the game mode where the issue happened.

If the issue happens to you, please immediately generate some Overwolf logs. This is easy to do, please post the logs under this post. If you need help generating logs, there is a simple guide here (please scroll down to see “Option #2”) → [Guide] How to send your Overwolf logs

Thank you for your help, hopefully we can help get this issue sorted soon :slight_smile:

hi so for the past two days the live tracking hasent loaded once there are no other problems caused by it, it just wont load for any game

My Overwolf logs

My Overwolf logs

this might be right i dont know im new to this hole site

Hi, the overlay is currently down due to the latest game patch, it will be back up shortly.

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