R6 Siege account linking

Hello, i own and play rainbow six siege on both xbox and pc(steam version).
I have all my accounts linked(through the platforms, clients and this app) but when i open the r6 siege category in the app it just wants me to link my game account and brings me to the management page where all my accounts are already linked.
Any idea what could be the problem?

did u figure this out ? i have the same issue

Hi, you need to link your uplay, not your steam.


Same issue

Why does a reply HAVE to be 20 characters? Lol

To reduce the amount of people posting “same issue”, rather than providing useful details which could help us :wink:

lol fair enough

Well the tracker was working up until 2 days ago. I upgraded to premium and that’s when the link issues happened.

Now when I use the app It asks me to link my profile (it was previously linked)
When I do that it brings me to the management page where my links are already there, just as OP explained.

Okay thanks,

Firstly, I’d try going to https://r6.tracker.network , then make sure to sign in (see top right, or selecting “more” bottom left on mobile). It should then fix itself :crossed_fingers:

Followed your instructions, still not working, nothing changed.

I’ve passed the issue along to be investigated properly. Apologies about all of this :slight_smile:

No problem, cheerssssssssssssssss​:beers::beers::beers:

Phew 20 characters :wink:

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