R6 stats showing up as zero

Hey I have been playing r6 for about a year and recently found out about r6 tracker…

When I type MY name into r6 tracker, the stats will all be zero(dgautreau86)

When I type anyone else’s name in, it seems to work totally fine.

Hoping to find a solution to my problem, so that I can use the service to track my own stats.

I would also like to add that when my friends type my name in, they are able to view my stats. It’s as if I’m the only one that cannot view my own stats…

I’ve also tried multiple devices, aswell as the website and the app seperately

Hi @Dgautreau86,

Have you asked your friends to send you a link to your own profile if they see your stats? Can you see your stats if you follow a link from them?

I will try that and report back

Can you make sure you have selected the correct platform (e.g. pc, xbox, psn), when searching for your profile please? You are likely looking up one of your connected accounts.

Is this your account? R6Tracker - DGautreau86 - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

I think maybe I was not selecting the Xbox platform. It works today