R6 tracker app not working for me

i recently installed the r6 tracker app on my windows device. i jump into a game and nothing on the tracker is showing up and idk what to do.


Would recommend keeping the app open, then restarting your game if you haven’t already. If you install the app when the game is open, it won’t work correctly.

If it still isn’t working, easiest fix is to restart your PC and make sure you run the app/ Overwolf before you launch your game. Overwolf should start automatically, just double check :slight_smile:

live tracker doesn’t work and i have done everything you said. what should i do to fix it now?

i have uninstalled and reinstalled this plenty of times, did nothing apart from degrade my fps in matches

Hi, you’ve taken outdated advice, this is from June 2022.

Some users are still experiencing issues viewing player stats within the live match tab of the Overwolf app. Overwolf are well aware and working on a fix. We’re hoping a solution arrives soon.

Why when I type my username into the r6 tracker do my stats now show up? I tried downloading the app too and it just says it cannot find my account! What do I do?