R6 tracker can’t find my profile

Ever since I changed my gamer tag on Xbox, R6 tracker can no longer find my profile tho on other games such as Halo infinite, the tracker works fine and can find me. The official stat tracker on Ubisoft also works as well and can find my profile. What is happening?

Hi, please let me know your new gamertag and approximate level. Please let me know your old gamertag too.


New: DeadxSlayer
Level: 203
Old: DeadxSlayer04

Fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. I appreciate it

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my gamertag for xbox is ohtruule ive had it for a long time but i can’t stat tracker myself for siege it says 404 error everytime

This your profile?

Same here my stats won’t show since I changed my gamertag

Old gamertag is “o jpzn”
New gamertag is “Dyihn”
Level 500

I says my player not found when I’m trying to login to my Xbox account in r6 tracker

I cant put my new psn id that i changed.
Old one : eSlyy–
New one : eSlyox
Level 171

Is this not your profile?
Make sure to select PSN before searching for your name

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When i put my psn id, they say unable to make that because eslyy-- is linked. Eslyy-- was my old psn id and i changed it

Please stop spamming messages under unrelated threads, it’s not going to help. You’ve also failed to explain the issue correctly to begin with, causing a delay in getting a solution.

You must have another Tracker Network account with the username “eslyy–”, that account has already claimed ownership of your PSN account. You need to log into your other Tracker Network account to change anything.

Sorry for spamming. I dont remember my old account to log in…can you delete it please ? Thank you

You’ll need to use the “I forgot my Password” tool. Deleting the account will only cause further issues.

I dont remember the mail used

And i think its a friend of me who have it he does not remember it so i hope you can change it for me. Thank you