R6 tracker isn't showing my accounts live match

I have 2 R6 accounts. whenever i play at 2nd one, i gott everything clear. but whenever i get to my 1st account, no stats giving. i tried to unlink game profile from the app but it still shows onnnnnly in 2nd account.

ex: in tracker, no mather which account i play, i can see my mmr only. when i play with 2nd acc, i can see everything, operators, maps, live match etc. but when i logout and login to 1st acc, i see only my mmr. others never came back. i tried to uninstall app, unlink game profile but nothing changed. no mather what i do, tracker shows me only 2nd account when i use 2nd account.

Hi @GClef, we’re aware that some users are seeing issues. Overwolf are aware and working on a fix.

I recommend joining our Discord to keep an eye on our app’s status.