R6 tracker mic issues

So, I installed OverWolf for the R6 Tracker. Now all the sudden, the game is not recognizing my mic input. I’ve done everything I could think off and googled and nothing has worked. I even uninstalled it and Siege STILL won’t recognize my mic input. I can hear everything. My mic works fine as I’ve tested it. There is a setting SOMEWHERE that I am ignorant of that fucked with it. Its driving me crazy. I noticed when I had R6 installed the OBS was using my mic, but i can’t figure out how to either stop that or fix it

Close Siege and make sure your mic is the default device in your windows settings. I’m not sure how Overwolf or our app could be causing any issue with your mic.

If my tip didn’t help you, Overwolf may be able to provide some info I’m not aware of here.