R6 tracker not working

Service status within the app shows green, mouse-over shows “All features are available”.
however, in-game when i pull up the overlay, it just keeps showing “Loading match…”. it’s been like this for > 12 hours, across over 20-30 games… i’ve tried restarting my game, restarting r6 tracker, restarting overwolf, nothing helps.
It’s worked for me all these while but only today i’m experiencing this.

after each win/loss it also shows me the little pop up on the left saying “DEFEAT!” and the numbers are very very skewed… something like 173904191237 : 4

Hi @jianoob,

Ubisoft released an update yesterday and it broke the app integration. Overwolf could not detect it automatically which is why the service status is still green. However, as far as I know, a fix should be live already and will be installed within several hours automatically.

If the app still does not work for you, please try to restart Overwolf (make sure the game is closed) or try again later today.