R6 tracker only showing me in live match

Ive already tried re-installing r6 tracker 3 times through overwolf and it still doesent work, other overwolf apps do work, any explanation or fix?


Some users are experiencing issues after the latest R6 security update. Could you let me know what other apps are working for you please?

I am experiencing the same exact issue. It started about a week ago

I’m having the same issue and I think I may know why it is doing it, the game is now using this file “RainbowSix.exe” from AppData\Local\ubisoft, in my case it is; “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\r6siege\Y7S3.3.0.1pc_********_********_********_********\##########\RainbowSix.exe” (The astrixes = unique hexadecimal characters and the hashes = unique numbers yet there is still a RainbowSix.exe and Vulkan one too in the user’s installation location.