R6 tracker only works with R6 analyst enabled?

Hi again.

R6 tracker standalone still isn’t working but installing R6 Analyst and using R6 TRN tracker as the “scoreboard” tracker makes R6 Tracker work like it should.

You might want to look into why that is.

I shouldn’t have to install yet another overlay from the Overwolf appstore in order to make “The best tracker in Rainbow Six Siege” work.

Live up to the name please.

Yes I’m running R6 Tracker “3.0”
Yes it’s the latest Overwolf overlay Ver.
Yes I’ve run R6 in both ‘standard’ and ‘Vulkan’. Same issue.


This is strange, never heard of this issue before. My guess is that you may have “Auto-Launch” OFF in the app settings, or don’t have Overwolf enabled on system start up.

Please make sure you have Overwolf or our app open before launching Siege.

If you’re still experiencing issues, can troubleshoot further, please let me know.


I have R6 tracker as auto launch when I start the game and yes I launch Overwolf before I launch the game. I do not however have Overwolf auto launch with windows start up.

When I have R6 tracker running, the service indicator is orange, not green, but R6 analyst is green.